It’s like this…

My trail to Central Minnesota for the Fall 2016 started with the bees…gaining a grant to write about beekeeping, which snowballed into the slippery slope of advocating for The City of ABQ protection of pollinator’s, and finally the gritty work of starting a Pollinator education organization that works with youth in the South Valley this past Summer. Whew. It’s nice to have some time to slow down and reflect on what’s next.

To see more about the final result of Burque Bee City USA, See Facebook page, Think Like A Bee  KOAT t.v.’s coverage …

And the bees have now accompanied me through the prairies to my home here for a Writing Residency. I am grateful for their presence all along my route.

Traveling through the prairies reminded me from whence my people have sprung. My heart is full of many fond memories of visiting family in Iowa and Kansas as a child. My Aunt Belle lives there now in Hesston, Kansas. We had a special time to reconnect. She has always been the Aunt that I am told I am “most like”.  So nice to look into a mirror and see whom I might be in 30 years! A graceful presence “just like” Belle, hopefully.
Here in the disappearing prairie lands, Mennonites have carved out a small oasis here in Hesston, one of my most favorite places in the world to visit—Dyck Arboretum. Many hearts and hands have taken great care to preserve the native grasses, thick pollinator and creaturely habitat corridors that once were the majestic grasslands where the buffalo roamed. Here in the middle of Turtle Island is the homeland of the Iowa, Missouri, Kansa and Osage nations.

I usually love nature preserves hands down. But the thing that makes this particularly special is the interaction of human reflection with the land itself. In the best of all worlds, this is whom we can become—the reflective voice, eyes and ears of the earth community’s Intelligence, of which we are only one part. We can become those who honor and reverence and care for our piece of land, water and air wherever we live and pass this along to our children to do the same.

May we no longer war with nature’s beautiful design.
May we find our own healing in aligning with Her wisdom.

May we walk tall alongside those who are protectors of all things wild.

5 thoughts on “It’s like this…

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  2. Just loving you and the holy witness and articulation you bring to your immediate surrounds and to our Hidden Monastery community. I loved your use of imagery as icon. So very powerful! Blessings on this writing quest. I too am planning a writing conference for late November with Christina Baldwin, if all lines up.


  3. Harriet, Thank you for your encouragement. Your companioning is precious to me! I continue to be inspired watching you articulate your own life. I think I read a book by Christina Baldwin…a kayak trip she did on Lake Superior? Amazing. Love and blessings!


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