The Good, the Bad and the ugly…

I want to talk about climate change for the next few blogs. Don’t tune out.

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It is a freight train coming down the tracks, and most of us are blissfully blind and deaf to it’s consequences. We are quite happy with our lifestyles thank you very much.

Bad and devastating, ugly consequences are beginning to snowball. The alarm is going off pretty much 24-7 now.

There are also amazing ideas, and courageous climate justice actions—a growing consciousness of what is happening to our planet —gratis human lifestyles. Think Greta Thunberg.

I want to chronicle both.

Mainly because I care about bees, I adore good healthy food, I care about humans, I spend lots of time in nature and I am in love with this precious biosphere we call Earth.

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I believe it is a moral and ethical and spiritual responsibility we have as humans to protect and preserve all of this God-given creation— much as we do our economic interests—for the next generation.

Though I must say, we cannot eat money.

As it exponentially increases, climate change and human inaction will wreak havoc on our food system. We can’t even begin to understand the impact of the bug apocalypse. So complete has the war on bugs been in our industrial agricultural system and in our backyards, that they have eradicated not only the “bad actors”, but the beneficials as well. As The Guardian puts it, “Insects have no place to hide”.

Earth’s littlest creatures are feeling the the heat. Bees, the workhorses of our food pollination system, are in trouble.

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As they disappear, these tiny building blocks of our food system and the necessary biodiversity for all life, will eventually lead to the demise of humans. One of the largest indicators of a planet on hospice is the extinction of species—beginning with the smallest— which are the foundation for all life on Mother Earthship.

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In a recent article “Species are Dying. Who is Listening“, Brad Plumer writes:

As many as one million plant and animal species are now threatened with extinction because of farming, poaching, pollution, the transport of invasive species and increasingly global warming. Almost everywhere you look, nature is vanishing before our eyes….

“People don’t see that species are vanishing because many of these species are not visible”, said Dirk S. Schmeller, a research professor at National Polytechnic Institute in France…and the variety of ways that biodiversity loss can affect people he said, “Is so complex that people can have difficulties in grasping the links

NYT, Saturday May 11, 2019

The article concludes that when we destroy nature, we undermine our quality of life.

Life on Earth is an intricate fabric, and it’s not like we’re looking at it from the outside,” Sandra Diza a lead author of [the recent] report and an ecologist at the National University [In Argentina]…”we are threads in that fabric. If the fabric is getting holes and fraying, that affects us all”

NYT, Saturday May 11, 2019

Often we become overwhelmed with human problems. Our myopic vision of our own passing existence and survival takes front and center.

Perhaps it’s time to look beyond our own species to wake up to the fact that without healthy eco-systems on planet earth, the human stage drama will quickly see curtains.

Who is listening?

Stay tuned…upcoming blogs promise not to be all gloom and doom! You will see practical actions that are making a difference and consider ways you can be a part of the change!

2 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the ugly…

  1. Thank you for this wonderful article. I am so happy to see people around the globe working to save the planet, even while I despair at the inaction of governments. We don’t have an option—we must do what it takes to save the planet and its species, or we are complicit in the deaths of future generations of all living things.


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