Welcome Solstice

As the bees hover suspended in their sleep, tucked away from the snow and cold, dreaming of the Spring cherry blossoms, we too are invited to slow our ever increasing speed and rest. We are called to inhabit the darkness and let it midwife our souls into a deeper peace, a larger reflection of our lives…

If you haven’t heard the Bee Carol by Carol Ann Duffy, featured by Garrison Keillor on Dec. 20, 2015, listen to the poetic magic of this ode to
  • winter bees
  • <b>Winter</b> <b>Bee</b> Cluster

As you prepare to enter a New Year, I offer you a prayer and a wish that you may “bee well” in all ways…from the Psalmist (paraphrase of 114)

Come, all you who have wandered far from the path, who have separated yourselves from Love; A banquet is prepared for you in the heart’s Secret Room.

There you will find the way home; a welcome ever awaits you! Even as you acknowledge the times you have erred, the forgiveness of the Beloved will envelop you.

Call upon the Beloved when fear arises, when you feel overwhelmed; The Eternal Listener will heed your cry; you will find strength to face the shadows.

Befriend all that is within you, discover the Secret Room in your heart. Then will abundant blessings enter your home; and, you will welcome the Divine Guest who is ever with you.

(Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness, Nan C. Merrill (NY:NY, Continuum International Publishing Group, Inc)

May we all find that Secret Room for silence and restoration in this season of darkness and cold in the Northern Hemisphere—like the inner chambers of the beehive. Huddling close for warmth.  May the beauty of our collective souls radiate and glow this Solstice, like a candle in the night, seeping into all the corners and cracks of a hungry world. Let us all imagine this place we call Earth, healed and whole. A place of beauty, peace. Enough for all.




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