Ted Cruz and bees

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I have made a conscious decision to keep politics out of my bee blog. I have succeeded. Mostly. But when I saw the story about Ted Cruz banning the musical tri-tone  (http://www.snopes.com/false-ted-cruz-tritone/) I lost my resolve. I changed my mind. In other words, I flipped out. I had a whole rant at the ready for you this week.

Fortunately, it was a satirical article.  But like the fictitious deceptions that U.S. political candidates are spinning these days (Obama is a Muslim from Kenya, has been busted for male prostitution…Toto, there is no such thing as climate change, etc.), it incites people to riot and  as a singer and lover of music, my ire was certainly kindled

 Fortunately there is such a thing as the Snopes website and thank God I was able to find out the the article was false before posting my apoplectic rants. Meanwhile, in the swamp of my indignation, I wondered if nature iterated the supposed Cruz diabolical tri-tone, and if my bees toned in this key?  If so, should we eliminate them? Kill anything that looks or sounds wrong? Thankfully, I was pulled back from the brink… It was a good lesson in how social media and oftentimes news that Americans are listening to is plain mis-leading, if not downright wrong. It is used to fan the flames people’s passions….of bigotry, hatred, racism, sexism, ecoism(this is likely a made up word, but you get my point) —all the isms. This time I was caught up because of my love of music.
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These days, I prefer to stick with bees. No ideology to debate or ugly rhetoric. Only the hands on, real time of happiness that overcomes me when the hive lid is off, the soft thrumming of 10’s of thousands of bees at work. I begin to remove the bars and smell that warm sweetness of honey arise like warm bread. Only a clear duty in front of me— check for real time mites, diseases or problems, work on fixing them if possible. If nothing needs fixing,  just savor the goodness in front of me. Give thanks for all that is going…well, right.

... vector cartoon illustration of a funny bee band who playing music

These days, I prefer to keep the news media at bay. There is so much fear mongering and ranting going on. Today I read a beautiful prayer. It offered me something nourishing in a time that has become fraught with these dangerous political potholes— leading only to frenzied rumors about important things like tri-tones.

Here’s a prayer by His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama. For the bees, Ted Cruz and all living beings who suffer. Bzzz.

Please pacify the uninterrupted miseries and unbearable fears,

such as famines and sicknesses,

that torment powerless beings

completely oppressed by inexhaustible and violent evils.

And henceforth lead us from suffering states

and place us in the ocean of happiness and joy.


Those who, maddened by the demons of delusion,

commit violent negative actions

that destroy both themselves and others,

should be the objects of our compassion.

May the hosts of undisciplined beings

fully gain the eye that knows

what to abandon and practice,

and be granted a wealth

of loving kindness and friendliness.


Through force of dependent-arising,

which by nature is profound

and empty of appearances,

the force of the Words of Truth,

the power of the kindness of the Three Jewels

and the true power of non-deceptive actions

and their effects;

may my prayer of truth

be accomplished quickly and without hindrance.

(Prayers for Healing, ed. by Maggie Oman, Berkeley, CA; Conari Press, 1977)

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