Sacred Guardians

The queen lives!   The colony will live on. The faltering hive, blended with a queen and her kin, is suddenly energized. She must be laying up a storm of eggs, for the girls are as busy as bees(excuse the trite expression) to bring in honey and pollen. Now they have a purpose in life. A direction.

So I could talk about the beauty of blending a hive.  Or the power of a good queen to pull a dying community back from the brink. Or the importance of life purpose. Or how differing cultures and religions might come peacefully together if they first sniff each other through newspaper until the scent of the “other” isn’t so scary…

But never mind that. What has been on my mind is that bees are sacred guardians of our land and food system just as indigenous people are and have been for a millenia. It came to me this morning as I read a front page story about the death, destruction and rape being visited upon indigenous people of Guatemala.  They refuse to leave their land that has been handed over for mining exploitation by massive multi-national Canadian mining company, Hudbay Minerals.

  • Maya people, Guatemala

    Just as bees are the “canaries in the mine” for what is happening to our food, indigenous people around the world are canaries for Mother Earth. They are rising up and speaking out for healing and protection even as they are persecuted, cut down, raped and poisoned. Like bees, Indigenous people are suffering the destruction of their food source, their way of life, their children’s death, the poisoning of their land.

    Like bees, which are 20,000 different varieties strong, many indigenous voices are rising up to replace those that are silenced. The Wayana of Suriname, the Apache of Arizona, the Navajo of New Mexico, the Lenca of Honduras, the Botoc-Igorot of the Philippines, the Moskitu of Nicaragua. The list goes on and on and on and on…

So what I really want to talk about is these sacred guardians who live close to the heartbeat of the land. They show us what is of infinite worth. Life and love itself. I want to speak to all they stand for—that which is life affirming, rather than death dealing and greed driven. Bees and Indigenous peoples act on behalf of a healthy future for our children. They show us the violent tentacles that are destroying our planet. They are on the front lines.

Let us be with them in our actions and Spirit.


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One thought on “Sacred Guardians

  1. Dearest Anita,

    You are one of the prophets of our time!! We need to hear your voice and then respond to what we hear. Thank you so much for your love and compassion. I rejoice with you and am so grateful for your bustling bees!

    judy rammel


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