Bee School

So, on a lark, last year I dreamed up this idea of collaborating with Cornelio Candelaria Organic Farm in the South Valley and the NM Acequia Association to teach beekeeping and the art of farming to youth.

I wrote a grant. It got funded by Albuquerque Community Foundation and now  we are in business.

Last week we officially began our summer program with the student interns from APS schools. They are a group of young people, handpicked by the inimitable Travis, a dynamic young 28 year old man who is committed to connecting youth with the earth and our food system. He is an amazing musician.

One teen couple has a baby. They are still finishing school.

Another young man plays the saxophone and doesn’t say much at all. He keeps his eyes mostly downcast.

Miguel is interested in the medical field. He goes to a charter school focused on that.

Eva has “emotional problems”. That’s what I hear at least. When she’s at the farm I find her to be highly engaged and incredibly smart. She loves the farm. She feels at home.

It’s a place to let one’s hair down. Doesn’t matter if your feet are muddy or you talk too loud or you don’t have expensive tennis shoes or nice clothes. All are welcome.

Many of the students have never been exposed to bees. So I told them that anyone who doesn’t want to work in the hive or is allergic, is exempt. I want the hive to invoke curiosity and wonder, not fear and resistance. Surprisingly every last one of them raised their hands to go into the hive.

This is one of the programs that Think Like A Bee will continue to fund for the future.

Wednesday, June 15 is the first ever for New Mexico…….BEE AWARENESS DAY!

This will be followed by Pollinator week, June 20-26. Hug a pollinator next week and help keep our momentum for Burque Bee City USA moving forward.  Go fund us at:

Feel the Buzz!

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