The Hive Mind

It’s bigger than just one bee. It takes a village of bees to build a hive. One honeybee will make only 1/12 teaspoon of honey in their lifetime. It takes 80,000 or more bees to feed a hive and share that beautiful elixir of honey with humans.

Honey bees are under no illusion that they can live without each other. And to this end they have learned phenomenal cooperation and communication in close, crowded living conditions.

They are not conflict adverse or wary of getting close and cozy with one another to solve problems. The hive will survive together or perish together. They are interdependent upon one another in all ways. If you’ve ever seen a hive of bees swarm, you’ll understand the lovely synchronicity they operate within. The elaborate ability to act together. It is like a bee symphony.



Human communities are not so different. It is inspiring to see people care for one another in the wake of a disaster. To watch an Amish barn raising. To listen to the Venezuelan children’s symphony featured in Tocar y Luchar.

In this political season here in the U.S., the hive mind could help us understand how to work together for the commonwealth, the common good. The hive mind is the what the best of all three great Abrahamic traditions teach us. How to care for one another. A world in which it’s just about “my” interests becomes splintered and divisive.

Consider the following passages from the 3 World Religion’s holy texts, all descendants of Abraham and Sarah…

Love and Faithfulness will meet, righteousness and peace will kiss (Ps. 85:10)

Love your neighbor as you love yourself (Matthew 22.39)

God invites you to the Home of Peace.(Quran-Jonah 10.25)



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