It was an experiment. One friend called it “swarmfunding” rather than crowdfunding. I like that. My goal was to see what happened. As of today, we have “swarmgathered” over $2,000!  That is a grand success for this first time.

Top 10 Craziest Bee Swarms - Cox's Honey

Thank you one and all for contributing. I am grateful for every single contribution, knowing that each and every dollar was given out of generosity, kindness and on behalf of a healthy future for our planet.

As in the bee world, there is no such thing as a menial contribution to the hive. All are absolutely of worth and necessary in the hive —despite the  division of labor. Whether a nurse bee, janitor, mortician, architect comb builder, honey storer, guard bee and finally, a nectar/pollen gathering field bee, all roles will bring about the health and common good for the colony.

I see the beehive as a small microcosm of a Utopia—especially in the world of so many dystopia novels and Hollywood films. In a swarmfunding kind of world, everyone gives what they can to make the world a better place. I hope I can live up to this. In the hive there is no “me first”, or narcissistic personalities. The bees don’t have time for such nonsense. It would mean certain suicide for the hive and it would fall into anarchy and destruction.

I find, in my journeys these days, that for all the narcissists, there are 10, 100, maybe 10,000 ordinary people going about their splendid lives— creating, serving, loving, not seeking attention or approval. Their reward is in the doing, whether for those they love or simply because of a deep meaning and satisfaction in the good work they are about in the world.

It gives me hope.

So thank you all for your support and vote of confidence in the bees and the work of Think Like A Bee. Every bit counts.

Swarm of bees attack overturned truck on highway | New York Post

Think Like A Bee “swarmfunding’ will be coming to a close July 31.  Deposit a gift here to enter a “bee basket” grand prize drawing July 31. We are a tax exempt organization committed to advocacy and education.


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