We Did It!

BURQUE BEE CITY is a reality! Over a year later, after a rather amazing cast of volunteers called on City Councilors,  spoke at Neighborhood Coalition meetings, tabled at public markets, talked with nurseries, we finally have a Resolution in place that is law. It not only raises awareness about pollinators, but opens the door for ongoing collaboration between our beekeeper associations and the city ——for increased and diverse bee habitat, reduced or pesticide free zones, bee designation signs and ongoing education and advocacy.

This is only the bee-ginning!IMG_5059(1)

We are especially  grateful to the two offices that sponsored this—Winters and Benton and their hardworking staff, Rebekkah Burt and Diane Dolan.

Councilor Benton thanked the bee community for all their work on behalf of pollinators. It was notable that Councilor Winters had no idea the bee community was so active and strong! It was fun to hear President Lewis say he wished he’d co-sponsored the bill, such bi-partisan support it enjoyed. It was a nice surprise to hear Councilor Trudy Jones say she had planted pollinator habitat in her yard, after our visit with her office.

So to all of you  who took the time to come out to City Council tonight(see photo above), who sent us good wishes, who spent countless hours volunteering, who will continue to care for your own bees, who are dedicated to planting gardens for all pollinator’s, THANK YOU!

This is a triumph for all of us in the bee community, for pollinator’s everywhere and for the Big Burque!

5 thoughts on “We Did It!

  1. Yay!!! Sorry, forgot all about the meeting last night. Hope you had a good turnout – sounds like you did. And, the outcome is good news, indeed!


  2. Yea! Yea! for ABQ!!! and to all of you who worked so hard—
    Now, the fun begins!
    (I’ll be sure and tell the bees here in Bhutan…😌)


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