Fashionista Bees

This little fashionista bee, which was also yummy by the way (thank you Jessie!), represents my feelings exactly. After a stunningly easy pass through of the Burque Bee City USA Resolution (“it was a love fest” as my friend Lynne so aptly put it), we are on our way. Likely the harder work lies ahead, of where the rubber actually  meets the road…even as I write this, I am aware of communities and Beekeepers in Albuquerque who are seeking to work with City officials, to ensure that the public space around them isn’t devastating their pollinator habitat and bee communities. We will all need to continue to be vigilant about habitat and chemicals going forward.

The other news that hit while I was in the throes of City Council and Bee City was the report from the New Mexico Dept. of Agriculture and New Mexico State University Entymology researchers. After examining my fallout of dead bees and a sample of comb, they determined that their were no neonicitinoids involved.

When I sampled that very hive for varroa mites, I was pleased to find that they did not test positive for mites either.

It’s a mystery. Hallelujah. That’s all I have to say about that.

In 10 short days I will be driving to Minnesota for a change of seasons and a Writing Fellowship/Residency Fall 2016.

My girls will be put to bed before I leave. It’s been a good season for honey, for learning, for a full return to health in all my backyard hives. I entrust them to Providence and will see them in the New Year!

Stay tuned for all the bee news that’s fit to print from Minnesota….

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