Small Minds and Great Hearts

So now that we have our clarion call as humanity to wake up!, we can no longer rest on our laurels, take more than we need, forget the vulnerable, and isolate from one another. There are powers and principalities of hatred increasingly arrayed against the forces of love and healing. We will see the mainstream media gathering around a new administration, normalizing it, feeding off the ratings. There will be an increasing lack of transparency and truth.

Petty dictators, tyrants and and empires have been a part of the human landscape forever. They will always be with us. Many suffer greatly under small minds. Fear pervades. Absolute Power creates a drunkenness.Today we see a political landscape of white men consolidating power. We are seeing the militarization of our society. For some it seems safe and secure. A throw back to the Cold wars and post WWII, when the world was “unsafe”. Then as now, people are hungry for security in the face of terrorism and the changing times.  But trying to secure the fortunes of the future is an illusion. Especially in the halls of power. It will only corrupt and destroy. It is time to go to the heart of the hive, a biblical metaphor for that which is precious, healing, nourishing, and sweet. We must get to work.

The beehive is not about consolidating power, it is about sharing power. Everyone has a job. Everyone has a place. Every being is valued. Every gift from the hive is medicine for the body and soothing to the soul.rlind_anitaamstutzbees_061215157

One of the biggest indicators of a healthy hive is their inter-communication. They talk all the time. Buzzing, rubbing up against one another, sensing with their antennae, sniffing the pheromones in the air. They are vigilant, awake to outside forces that might dismantle the commonwealth. They adapt. They are resilient. They work together to create healthy communities that can withstand any onslaught or insidious forces, unless the external forces arrayed against them overwhelm their immune system.

The thing is, a hive would be destroyed if they began to work only for themselves. It’s not possible. The mind of the hive is every single bee.They quickly die if taken from their community. You see such poor souls buzzing around aimlessly, lost and forlorn.


Recently I saw a TED -like talk by Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku. He said the jobs for the future that are already on the wane because of the machination and rise of robots are repetitive, assembly line jobs.What will be needed as we transition is jobs that require us to grow our capacity for change, common sense, imagination, leadership, analysis, telling a joke, writing a script, a book, doing science, meeting the public, interacting with people. the service economy. Robots simply do not have the adaptability or emotional intelligence of the human brain and heart.

During these times we will also see the rise of great hearts. People whose courageous and luminous leadership will call us to back to our moral compass. But ultimately, our true power lies in the commonwealth, the Beloved community—acting on behalf of the good for all.

This gives me hope.

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