Think Like A Bee Hall of Fame

A big thank you to the New Mexico based Lineberry Foundation, who gifted Think Like A Bee with a New Year grant! Honoring the remarkable memory of it’s founders, this family is making New Mexico a better place by their charitable grants—from children to bees. We are grateful for this surprising and Providential grant. It came at the right time!

We commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. this week, a man whose life lit up the sky for a time. He called us to the hard work of building a community of justice. His spirit still lives through and with us today. We remember him this week, in particular. He calls us from the pages of history to create the Beloved Community now.

“I am still convinced that it is love that makes the world go round, and somehow this kind of love can be a powerful force for social change.” (MLK, Jr. 1964 speech in London, days before accepting the Nobel Peace Prize)

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Our goals for the coming year 2017 include:

Jan/Feb. Supporting Wild Friends State Legislative Memorial to label bee friendly products in the state of New Mexico

May-Aug.South Valley summer youth internship program to teach basic beekeeping skills

June ABQ Open Space Pollinator Week extravaganza for families/children to celebrate Burque Bee City USA and Bee Awareness

July-August, evaluate Bee City USA resolution with City of Albuquerque


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