Dear Bee Friends and Protectors,

June is Pollinator month. We celebrate all pollinators for our food and the sheer beauty of flowers that grace our days. Think Like A Bee is doing a Swarm funding event through the month of June 2017 (aka crowdfunding in bee language). In order to help  fund our ongoing work this coming year Go to this page and click on the DONATE button.  Bee part of our swarmfunding campaign this year. You may also send any tax deductible donations made out to PES (our fiscal sponsor) c/o Think Like A Bee, 410 Morningside Dr. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108.

This year your donation will fund a City wide Pollination Celebration, with a special ceremony to honor our new Burque Bee City status!

pollination celebration

Our bee and farm summer internship is up and running. This year our youth come from the South Valley, and from Africa (Cameroon and Chad). In addition to beekeeping and native plants, they will learn skills of seed selection, composting, irrigation, harvesting and marketing— farm to table. They are also learning healthy lifestyle choices with  “Food As Medicine”. Your donations will help provide:

  • supplies
  • scholarships
  • food for lunches

2018 will bring ongoing advocacy and education in neighborhoods about pollinator protection. It will entail calls and visits to city hall and municipal officials for pesticide free communities. It will also give us a jump start on preparing 2018 BURQUE BEE CITY BASH and next summer’s youth intern program.

Like the swarming bees, Think Like A Bee’s work has been dividing exponentially this past year. We need your help to sustain us for the coming year, so half of what we dream of doing doesn’t go away!


swarm cells

Thank you for all the ways you support pollinators in the world. That’s how a democracy works—even if you don’t necessarily receive a direct benefit, you contribute to the whole to make our society a better place to live. It takes a village to raise bee awareness and bee a protector! We all benefit from bee’s free pollination services and multitudinous foods that they give us —  avocados, cherries, blueberries, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, kiwi, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, nuts, papaya, to name a few…


Even if you don’t have a hive in your backyard, don’t have a place to plant flowers, don’t even like bees or (gasp) honey, your contributions count.

All donations over $50 will be entered into a sweepstakes drawing for a “bee basket” full of goodies that honor our bee friends and are mighty delightful to humans!

In a time where we need to support our values more than ever with our time, money and energy, Think Like A Bee is grateful for your generosity.


Pass it on…#Swarmfunding


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