Dancing Moon Woman


The sun went all shadowy today.

For at least 3 minutes

the flames of

Too much bright

Too much heat

Too much “big man” war energy

and posturing


By the lunar face

of the feminine moon

and her traverse across the sun.

Sun was eclipsed for a moment

Missing in action.


Healing dark

Secret womb energy

Fierce bone circle

A messenger from the night

Grabbing our attention

In the middle of our day’s

Freight trains of busyness.


Maybe she is birthing

Something new

Exposing our shadow side

Covering the frenetic

Flames of a culture

Burning down

From its hubris

Of earth rape





All the “isms”


Emptied out

for a moment by

Dancing moon woman’s



Gravitational force.

Usually only waxing

And waning

In cycles

During our dream time.


But here she was

moving across the sun’s field

A marriage of light and darkness

In full view

Maybe a shift took place this day

From a human epoch

Bankrupt in its excess

and imbalances.


Maybe a new consciousness

Took root

For an age of authenticity

No more illusions.


I sat on a hill in Northern New Mexico

among the sage bushes

and Fall flowers


a stunning display

of Autumn’s glory

At least 15 varieties


Around my feet.

I felt the the moon


Her eclipse



Into the fiber

of my being.


Her moon dance


Not so different

From the bee dance

Honey Bee in Flight
That vibration of happiness.

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