Real food


I am putting in a plug for my farmer friend Lorenzo Candelaria, whose land has been in the family for over 300 years. Every day, he and his crew cultivate, tend and harvest beautiful organic food to eat. It is the food that comes to us gratis from bees, soil, sun and water. He offers CSA (community supported agriculture) boxes. Cornelio Candelaria Organico hand delivers to your door. Who does that these days?

Organic1-2Not many people know about his small farm, tucked away in a corner of the South Valley, Albuquerque. Most farmers tend small plots. Lorenzo has 4 acres. Like many farmers,  they produce  massive amounts of food—way more than they can even sell or give away. Mama Earth is like that. Abundant. Productive. Prolific. Especially if you treat her right. If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Lorenzo is a mystic farmer. He has a special connection with the land and understands that our human dependence on mother earth is like an umbilical cord. It is a sacred, nourishing relationship. We humans cannot live without her generosity. Yet, unlike a baby in the womb, Mother Earth requires our mutual care. Under Lorenzo’s tending, Mother Earth flourishes. She is happy. So are my bees that live on his farm!


Lorenzo and Dora have space for more CSA box customers. Fresh produce to your door every week, or however often you want to receive one.

Sign up for gastronomic delights and joyful foodie journeys, week by week. Call Dora or Lorenzo today 505-382-5447.


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