Cross Pollination

There is currently an amazing exhibit at the 516 Arts Building in Albuquerque,New Mexico @ 516 Central Avenue downtown. It will be there through November 1, 2017.


If you haven’t made your way down there, you must.

Valerie Roybal, visionary artist, is also an Albuquerque backyard beekeeper. She gets it. The beauty, the mythology, the symbology, the historical importance of bees then and today.

Through music, art, jewelry, sound, Valerie takes us into the intricacies of our human interconnection and intersection with the world of beneficial insects.

Interspecies communication is a new buzz word. It implies sharing and understanding information between two or more species that work towards the benefit of both species .  This exhibit reveals this lovely interdependence. Finally humanity is waking up to this.IMG_1807

Here’s what she writes:

An exhibition at the intersection of art and science, emphasizing the importance of bees and other pollinators…


If you didn’t already fiercely love the insect world, I hope this will be a step towards awe and admiration.

Plan to go soon.



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