Honey Time

It’s summer time and the sweet elixir of nectar is flowing…Honey has now been processed and is available for purchase. My girls have been generous. The honey comes from organic farms and my backyard. It is truly phenomenal in it’s taste and texture and color.

I am selling this as a fundraiser for Think Like A Bee. A portion of the proceeds will go to support this newly and officially recognized IRS 501C3 and our ongoing advocacy/education in the community.


Here’s the price list:

Pint  $20

Quart $40

If you would like to reserve your jar(s), please message me on facebook, text my phone number or email me at anita@thinklikeabee.org and we’ll make arrangements for pick up. Any unsold honey will be taken to market.

I honor the hard work of my honeybees and give thanks for this generous gift from the earth(though, not without resistance at times and even their demise).

I am glad that I can then offer it to you. Most of all, thank you for your support of Think Like A Bee…

Bon appetit!



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