Invest in Community

So. First the bad news. We did not receive the #HiveMind grant for creating pollinator wildflower corridors.

Thank you all for your support and cheering us on. Truly, you made a difference!

The good news is that Think Like a Bee and other bee community members met with key players from the City of Albuquerque last Friday. We talked about creating pollinator wildflower corridors nevertheless. Come to find out, Albuquerque’s Clean City’s Wildflower Initiative is already happening in median strips and roadsides!

This is a very exciting project for our neighborhoods to become involved in!

Image result for wildflower images

I’ve been thinking alot about what it means to invest in community these days.

I never had my own children.

Yet, perhaps I have many children. Human and non-human. This is the way I am investing in the future.


Many of you invest in community in myriad ways.

Tell me how you are making a difference for future generations!



2 thoughts on “Invest in Community

  1. Hi Anita,
    We’re planting drought-tolerant shade and fruit trees and also other perennials that the pollinators like.
    We might not live to see them reach maturity but someone will enjoy them.
    And we’re also taking care of what is already here and has survived.

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