Rio Grande Story Project

We have come to the end of our funding year. In 2019 we will continue our advocacy with City Hall and our #feedpollinators habitat expansion program, partnering with schools. We hope to continue our summer youth farming intern program to learn about pollinators and healthy food systems.

We have plans already in the works to complete a Rio Grande Watershed Documentary in 2019, to use as a teaching tool. A little seed money has allowed us to begin it with students at Taos UNM Media Arts Program….knowing that we must get the word out about our precious and fragile, threatened high desert watershed in New Mexico. We will shine a spotlight on the Mother of all rivers, the Rio Grande, endangered by fracking, industrial toxins and drought. Her waters sustain our foodshed, fill our faucets, feed the soil and critters and basically nourish our bodies and souls with beauty and recreation.

As we interview land based elders and Indigenous leaders, who live on a shoestring, we will give them generous honorariums to continue their work of seed sovereignty, Rio Grande water protector, organic farmer. For Pollinator sand human alike, water is life.

Think Like A Bee may be small, but like the hive, we are mighty in what we are accomplishing together in the local community!

We are the people we have been waiting for—now, in this 21st century— to preserve our watershed for bee, critter, plant, soil and human communities alike— seven generations hence.

Thank you for caring and showing your support through a donation in this generous season of light. We realize there are many options calling your name for end of the year gifts. The need is great…but consider this, Think Like A Bee donations will be plowed back into our local community. We have next to no overhead. We subsist on the generosity of people’s time, talent and kind gifts. Our goal is $5000.

Think Like A Bee is incorporated with the IRS as a 501-C(3), Federal Tax id #81-0856887. All financial gifts are tax exempt and gratefully accepted by PayPal donations or by check to: Think Like A Bee, 410 Morningside Dr. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108


With 40-50% losses of honeybees annually, your support of Think Like A Bee is contributing to the care of these tiniest of invertebrates everywhere. All insects, including bees are the keystones and building blocks of a healthy food system.

We face a Bugapocalypse.

…Thank you for being a part of the Hive Mind! The solution is how we work together to educate, advocate and create new ways of living in cooperation with all beings on this planet!

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