Thinklikeabee is a grassroots organization that, well, quite frankly, tries to think like a bee. What do bees need to stay healthy? What can we do to support their hard work as pollinators? How can we learn from their highly collaborative social structures in the hive? How can we work together with other pollinator protection groups, beekeeper associations, faith communities, neighborhood and civic organizations, and agriculture for healthy pollinator practices, habitat and a sustainable food system for the future?

OUR MAIN GOAL is to keep our hardworking bee friends happy and healthy—and in turn it will also help other charismatic pollinator fauna such as birds, bats and butterflies. Over 70 % of our favorite foods are pollinated by bees. That’s one in every 3 bites. Here’s a few:

raspberries, strawberries, cherries, peaches, cucumbers, avocados, broccoli, nuts, coffee…to name a few.

Albert Einstein reportedly said that if bees disappeared, humans would have about 4 years.

PLUS, BEES ARE ENDLESSLY FASCINATING and beautiful. At Thinklikeabee, our mission is to create a web of friendly relationships between humans and pollinators so that we might build an inter-dependent community. By creating a healthy home and pollinator friendly practices for bees—-clean water, yummy chemical free flowers and continuous habitat from Spring to Fall—we will also create a healthy future for ourselves and our kids.


The Melissa Garden, a honeybee sanctuary list of plants for pollinators: http://www.themelissagarden.com/plants.html
FOR ALTERNATIVES TO ROUNDUP and other weed spraying chemicals that destroy habitat, try soap or vinegar sprays, old fashioned weed pulling or groundcovers and check out these sites:
FOR ALTERNATIVES TO BEE KILLING CHEMICALS, including neonicotinoids, click here: http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/files/managing-pests-without-neonics_65816.pdf
The Bees thank you! Bzzzzz






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