#beelove on #Givingtuesday

Friends, thank you for your care of our pollinators, workhorses of the food system we enjoy.

Join the Hive Mind on Nov. 29 to give to Think Like a Bee and our upcoming projects for 2023.
This past year we have been working closely with the City of Albuquerque to secure grants and fund a BEE New Mexico pollinator corridor project!

Fall 2022 saw three neighborhoods hosting pollinator plant giveaways, working collaboratively with the Santa Ana Pueblo to provide FREE plants for people to put into the ground in their neighborhoods. Along with the amazing work of the Clean Cities initiative and Parks and Recreation, we continue to fund and expand gardens in our highways, byways, median strips, parks and neighborhoods to provide much needed safe habitat for pollinators.

Go Here to find our #GivingTuesday fundraiser which will be matched.

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