Bee Tending, Yoga and Music

“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual”(Beethoven)

The intersectionality of these three practices—bee tending, yoga and music—have kept me for a lifetime. All of them contemplative, bringing me fully in the present when I am engaged in any of these. They are the place where I tend my soul.

Imagine being able to combine all three into one experience! I am deeply grateful to award winning celloist and composer, Keely Mackey, and Marisol Brito, owner of Bhava Yoga in Albuquerque, for the eclipse of these practices in three consecutive Sunday fundraisers for Think Like a Bee. Next ones coming up, August 1, 9:30am and August 8, 9:30 am at Bhava Yoga Studio.

This makes my heart joyful!

Our first one was last weekend. It was a restorative, healing and transcendent experience as Marisol led us in yoga postures and Keely played her cello.

Both Keely and Marisol know how crucial bees are for our food system and planetary health. Keely makes amazing macro photos of bees which startle one into seeing these small invertebrates with new eyes!

I invite you to come down to Bhava Yoga in August for a unique experience of restorative yoga paired with glorious cello music. It is also a wonderful way to support Think Like a Bee through this amazing and generous collaboration! Like the honeybee hive, endlessly generous and always working for the common good—a mighty all-female colony of giftedness.

The entry fee is $20 with the option to donate above and beyond. Register here. Even if you cannot come you can still donate on this page. Bring a friend or two and support the bees while nourishing your body/mind and soul.

Spoiler alert…the highest donor over the three Sundays will receive a free jar of wildflower honey from my girls in the backyard hive.

Oh, and by the way, I have my first summer harvest of delicious alfalfa or wildflower honey available! Message me for pick up at or text 505 514 4982. $16/pint and $30/quart.

Here’s for the bees~!

Keely Mackey at Bhava Yoga

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